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Oh My God! My Laptop & Desktop is not working???
Not to worry. We will recover repair, replace the damaged parts.
We also upgrade any part required for any type of media devices.
We support repair of all major manufacturer devices.
Or any type of failure. We can help. Just fill up the form below and relax.
Call us for quick, prompt and efficient repair of Laptops & Desktops.
However, bad the damage appears to be.
We recover almost 100%.

For example:
Laptop Repairs Services
Laptop Service/ Hard disk recovery & replacement/ Screen repair & replacement/ Battery Not Charging & Replacement/ Display hinge repairs/ Keyboard repair replacement/ Spyware, Virus, adware removal/ Wireless Wi-Fi problem repairs/ Laptop Touchpad repair & replacement/ Laptop Overheating and Logic board repair and replacement/ Laptop DVD Rom replacement/ Trackpad/touchpad isn’t responding/ Certain keys on the keyboard aren’t working/ Laptop keeps getting shut down after a couple of minutes/ Motherboard issues such as virus infliction or increased Windows errors/ Battery isn’t working or if the laptop is getting drained way too fast/ Hardware issues such as blue screens, floating pixels etc./ Software (OS) related issues/ Speaker/Mic repair/ Distorted display, unresponsive screen.

Laptop Upgrade for Better Performance
Laptop Hard disk upgrade/ Laptop Ram upgrade/ Laptop Keyboard upgrade/ Laptop Battery upgrade/ Laptop Wi-Fi Card upgrade/ Laptop screen upgrade

Desktop Repairs Services
PC not turning/ Hard Disk Repair & Replacement/ Software Corruption and Failure/ Memory & Graphic Card Replacement/ Motherboard Repair & Replacement/ PC up-gradation/ Surface or Media damage on hard disk/ System shutting down constantly/ PC overheating/ PC running slow/ Installation & setup/ Software & application installations/ SMPS Repair & Replacement/ Strange grinding like noise/ Blue screen of death/ Unresponsiveness